| Loans for the Unemployed |

DirectDesignMedia™ and BadCreditSite work hand-in-hand to bring our client's the very best despite your financial situation

Typically, individuals who are not currently in employment are unable to receive any form of financial assistance due to the criterion set. However, when someone is unemployed it brings a lot of hardship individually for the person, but also a lot of worry and stress due to financial reasons. Most individuals who find themselves unemployed tend to spend on average 3-9 months searching for new work.

This means individuals suddenly have to go through a major fund-cut and have to re-think the way they live. However, BadCreditSite™ realises that it is hard enough searching for employment without constantly worrying over how to pay your next bills. This type of situation often pushes customers making irrational decisions and end up owing the loan agency and find themselves in more financial ruin.

Despite your current employment status we are guaranteed to be able to assist you in finding a fair and ideal arrangement for you. It is stressful to admit you may be in a less than stable position in regards to your income and may often feel there is no alternative but to suffer. However, we do not require a credit card for you to obtain loans meaning there is no arrangement of formal identification.

Unemployment comes to us all and is a normal part of life. It isn’t fair that due to the recent recession and decisions ruled by the tax man, that you must suffer and not be able to enjoy life. With the sudden lack of cash we are able to same day pay funds to you or arrange for one of our lenders to meet with you face-to-face so you can be comfortable and discuss in explicit detail if you wish regarding your status. This allows us to find the best deal for you, just be open and honest with us. 
Banks and other establishments depend upon the clients guaranteed reliance to return the funds and repay instalments. So if someone ends up without employment and proof of future financial come-up’s then 99% of the time the establishments reject the individuals leaving them with more worry. 
Taking a loan whilst unemployed allows you to arrange a payback term of 14 to 31 days, where a lender can return to your home on a regular period. For example, you may wish to borrow £500.00 and agree with the lender you can pay £50.00 every 7 days. The lender will return every 7 days and collect the agreed amount.

Do not worry anymore, and apply online to find out more. If you or someone you know is currently in a similar situation, it doesn’t hurt to fill out the survey. There is no further requirements once you complete it, but you will receive offers back within the first couple days.