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DirectMediaDesign™ has worked for over 1,500 individual clients and large UK companies to re-design and re-evaluate their online presence. We are able to craft any specific requests or personalisations to your webpage to make it feel more like you. If you do not have a website we are also able to create one for you. We have direct dialogue with each client in each case and work to tailor to your needs.

Our Projects

Below is a viewing of the clients we have worked with and the work we are doing. This truly is a highlight reel of our most exquisite work.
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Ashton Care Home

One of our closest clients we work with medical professionals throughout the UK to deliver an easy-to-read and clean website. Continuous, 2017.

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Our team redesigned the logo, website domain, content and design of their online site within 2 weeks. 2016.

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Pawel Martuszewski Design

Our team had just 5 days to redesign this website after our client was previously disappointed by their hired original web designer. To make it on time for their relaunch our team worked effortlessly and had a great result. 2015.

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We completely built and designed the companies main online site. Our team crafted it from their request of a clean, simplistic design with their trademark violet colouring. 2015.